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Deluxe Kitchens

Imagine your first-class bespoke design kitchen, made from only the finest timbers, fully installed and ready to go?

Gamma Doura specialises in designing and building deluxe one-off kitchens for Melbourne's elite.


Enhancing architectural projects with joinery that can be structurally integrated and functional. Gamma Doura’s knowledge and expertise can support architectural design and construction, working with specifications and industry requirements.


Gamma Doura will create all the required cabinetry to enhance your kitchen. Designing and hand selecting the finest materials to suit your individual requirements, and deliver to you a fully operational 'class kitchen'.

Class Kitchens

You want, you need, you can have the 'kitchen of your dreams' at Gamma Doura. We will make fit and measure a perfectly designed kitchen to meet every need. Nothing short of simply the best kitchens made in Australia today. What are you waiting for... call now +61 3 9350 5300.

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